Katrina’s Grace

Katrina’s Grace: Wind, Water and Wisdom takes us on Sandra’s journey of recovery from Hurricane Katrina. Join her from a pre-hurricane fall that left her helpless and found her at her daughter’s home waiting and wondering what was happening in Gulfport, to first sight of her destroyed home, car, and treasures. The journey continues through a lifetime of memories as lost treasures were unearthed, to the streams of volunteers who came to help her wade through the upheaval, build a temporary living space, and care for her neighbors and others in the community.

As we read Sandra’s story, we remember our own grief and loss after Katrina or similar disaster experiences. This story speaks not only to the survivors, but to disaster responders who come to pick up the pieces yet don’t hear the rest of the story of those with whom they shared an hour or a week, and finally they and all readers are able to feel the pain around the disasters where they served. Additionally, it provides insight for volunteers going into disaster work.

A powerful yet sensitive story of dwelling in Grace and the incredible gifts of Grace from nature; from those who prayed, sent gifts, and came; and from living memories.

Weaving reflections on lost treasures with journal excerpts, poetry, stories of those who came to help, sent needed materials and supplies, and also prayed, Sandra Price presents stories from a heart-breaking disaster. Katrina’s Grace invites us into the depth of Sandra’s soul and on into the depth of our own souls. As we read her story, we remember our own disasters and weep, laugh and ponder.


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See What People Are Saying!

  • “This is the book on Katrina you will want to buy. In fact, purchase one for your church library and mission’s committee!‘ In poetic detail Sandra majestically describes moving accounts of loss and turmoil… but the story doesn’t dwell on loss. I was moved to tears by Sandra’s testimony of a God who cares and the generosity of many souls filled by God’s Grace… what a gift of Spirit-led writing.”

    Kevin King
    Executive Director, Mennonite Disaster Service
  • Sandra’s stories reflect her courage to mourn, laugh, reveal heartache, celebrate happiness and find Grace in the depths of tragedy. Katrina’s Grace is anyone’s story who is seeking love and Grace in the turmoil of grief. Sandra’s stories are hauntingly familiar, for I, too, am a Katrina survivor.”

    Mary Kay Deen
    Katrina Survivor, Retired Teacher, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
  • a must read for anyone wishing to respond to a disaster…. A disaster responder is left to wonder what life was like before the storm and to ponder the fate of those putting the pieces back together. Katrina’s Grace is a gift of Grace to anyone who has longed to know the whole story.”

    Jim Kirk
    Past Chair, Emotional and Spiritual Care Committee, National VOAD
(Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster)
  • As I read… I found I could not put it down… I carried her story with me day and night… I would weep as my heart broke, and I would soar as I experienced God’s Grace through her words. The story of the vicissitudes of Sandra’s journey with family, FEMA, friends, inspectors, insurance and volunteers is filled with meaning and love.”

    Rev. Tom Hazelwood
    Assistant General Secretary U.S. Disaster Response, 1998 -2013,
United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR)
  • Katrina’s Grace: Wind, Water and Wisdom, is a revelation of the profound difference between compassion and ‘pity.’ Sandra Lynn Price may not be ‘a voice crying in the wilderness,’ but she certainly is a voice speaking clearly and passionately of the spirit amidst the ruins of individual lives and whole communities.”

    Reverend Dr. Jeremy Taylor
    D.Min., S.Th.D. (hon.) Author, The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap into Your Unconscious & Transform Your Life and several other books
  • “…a true Southern voice full of pathos and wonder and angst…and yet also full of joy…”

    Lucy Hansford
    Public Relations Professional
  • “I worked for years in the Katrina relief efforts… This book gave me more closure on Katrina; it helped me feel it. Tears came… I needed to feel, and Sandra helped me…. She peeled back the outer part and showed her soul. Katrinas Grace doesn’t give sugar-coated platitudes but soul felt truth of grief and the hope that comes in the midst of life.”

    Don Gann
    Director of Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief
  • Written with the pouring out of the passion that developed from personal experiences as a survivor of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Subsequently, it woke up a unique spirit of service that others affected by disaster now benefit from with her compassion through the VOAD movement.”

    Warren Miller
    National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. Past President, Mississippi VOAD
(Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster)
  • “As a grief counselor, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is living with the grief process. Sandra is a healer and those who read this book will catch a glimpse of the Master Healer’s Grace…. She paints vivid word memories of the devastation, aftermath, and healing process that she experienced with Hurricane Katrina.”

    Joe Ray Underwood
    Ph.D., Professor of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Mississippi State UniversityActive in Disaster)
  • “Sandra invites readers into her spiritual center where she dives deep into the hurt, the loss, the destruction emerging throughout the story with glimmers of hope and wonder… within the pages of this book, understanding and hope for overcoming disaster, outline how one might join that community of heroes, those ordinary people who show up to do whatever it is each of us does best.”

    Sherry Swain
    Senior Research Associate, National Writing Project
  • “This book… takes the sensitive reader on an adventure into the realm of the soul/psyche where persons of reflective spirit can experience deep meaning, facilitate life-altering growth, gain deep insight, and develop a better understanding of finding meaning in the tragedies of life. A beautifully woven personal tale of… Grace’s power to transcend differences, heal wounds and create a better world.”

    Ben Toole
    Jungian Analyst
  • Sandra Price with painstaking detail lovingly weaves the narratives of her Southern childhood, her experience of the trauma of Hurricane Katrina’s damage to her beloved home and community, with the healing graces of her faith and friendships into an intimate portrait of a life disrupted, remembered, and renewed.”

    The Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus
    Coordinator, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
  • “…As a clinical psychotherapist who confronts traumatic grief in the lives of individuals regularly, I could hear the truth of Sandra’s disbelief, fury, and deep sadness for important connections broken and beloved memories ruined. The powerful message of hope in this book is born in the writer’s capacity to live in her fearful emptiness and to receive and absorb the goodness that blew her way.

    Helen Robinson
    LCSW, Clinical Psychotherapist, Winchester, Virginia

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