Now my lot looked like a piece of paper that had had all the writing erased. A little roughed-up sandy dirt remained…, like the rough places on a paper erased too hard.… A Spirit hovered there, not visible to the eye, but exquisitely visible to the heart. –Sandra Lynn Price

heart_wisdom_circleWelcome, all who have ever suffered loss and those who care for them, all who have ever felt life has been erased too hard, but found Hope, Grace, and Wisdom. That Spirit “not visible to the eye, but exquisitely visible to the heart” lives in you and around you. It is the source of the Grace in which we dwell. It is the source of the Wisdom of your heart.

If you long for a deeper, more connected, and more meaningful life, your Heart Wisdom is your guide. That Heart Wisdom gives you the capacity to find Hope, Grace, and Acceptance in the midst of chaos and loss, in the muddle of important decisions, in the unexpected, unimaginable gifts that come to you through other people, through nature, and through memories and insights of your own mind and heart. That Heart Wisdom gives you the capacity to savor the moments of joy, accomplishment, creativity, and authentic connections in your life. Your Heart Wisdom gives you the guidance and grounding you need for fullness of life.

Heart Wisdom is revealed in wind and water, earth and fire; in sacred texts; in the solitude of pelicans on posts and the communion of seagulls standing on the sand, facing into the stormy wind together. It is revealed in the smile of a baby, the touch of your beloved, in water trickling over stones in a mountain creek, in the rhythms of the tides. It is the still small voice within. Heart Wisdom is written in your heart.

“A Spirit hovered there, not visible to the eye, but exquisitely visible to the heart.”

I invite you to join me as we journey together to know more deeply and trust more fully our Heart Wisdom and to be more fully aware of the Grace within which we dwell. Knowing and trusting our Heart Wisdom, we become fully alive. We live in authentic relationship to the Divine, the creation, other people, and our truest selves. In so living we are able to see Grace all around. We come to live sacred Love.

Heart Wisdom enables us to trust our deepest longings and live into them. Heart Wisdom connects us to our deepest truths.

Heart Wisdom guides us to fullness of life. It is not focused on pleasing others or obeying rules we have been taught. Heart Wisdom is not just knowledge or competence or the power to change things. Rather, it merges thinking and feeling, intuition and observation, diffuse awareness and analysis, with an attitude of acceptance of what is, which leads to trusting our inner knowing.

When we trust our inner knowing, our Heart Wisdom, we are free to follow wherever it leads. It may call us to a journey that has no path. It will surely lead us home to our truest self.

katrinas_grace_book_coverKatrina’s Grace: Wind, Water and Wisdom is my story of dwelling in Grace with nature, memories, and those who followed their Heart Wisdom’s guidance to help.

On this website you will see Stories of Grace, Heart Wisdom Inspirations, and tips for survivors of disaster and those who care for them. Over time you will find guides for discovering your Heart Wisdom through journaling, making mandalas in an art journal, working with clay, and other tools. I hope you will find Grace in reflecting on your own losses even as I have found Grace in remembering mine.

Thank you for joining me in this journey.