Walter Anderson's Butterflies

Today after I left copies of Katrina’s Grace in the Walter Anderson Museum Store, I took some time to dwell in the cottage room. For those who do not know Walter Anderson, he was a painter from Ocean Springs who loved nature and loved to paint nature. Most of the time he lived in a little cottage on their place in Ocean Springs. After his death, his family found a treasure trove of paintings there. His great passion was boating to Horn Island to paint. Even during hurricanes, he lashed himself to trees to be able to experience the fullness of creation. His deepest passion was painting creation. As I dwelled in his cottage, which was moved to the museum, I could feel his spirit there imbuing all who enter with the wisdom of his heart and his gift of seeing and revealing. I watched the butterflies on one wall flying; I gazed into the sunrise on another wall; and I was moved. Once again I was reminded that all of us must know and trust our heart wisdom as surely as Walter Anderson knew and trusted his. Only then can we be fully alive who we were created to be. Only then can be become co-creators with God. Are you trusting your heart wisdom? Or are you fearful that if you truly followed your heart wisdom, people might think you are crazy just as people thought Walter Anderson was crazy during his lifetime? Knowing and trusting your heart wisdom can set you free to be fully who you are.

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