Resurrection Ferns

This past week-end I had the pleasure of being with my friends in their home in Yalobusha County, Mississippi. Deep in the woods away from highways and city lights, they have created a sanctuary of cabin, covered porches, and gardens. From the woods they have brought stones of all kinds and sizes to create a…

Katrina's Grace Dedication

Katrina’s Grace Dedication

On April 12, at my home church, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Starkville, MS, we dedicated Katrina’s Grace. The whole worship service was built around Grace and hope following disaster. The biblical story was about the disciples gathered in a room, afraid, dismayed, confused, after Jesus’ body had disappeared. They had suffered the greatest disaster imaginable.…

Releasing Ritual

Thursday night, March 26, 2015, Katrina’s Grace: Wind, Water and Wisdom went to press.

First, my dear friends Donna and Ben Toole and I celebrated a deeply meaningful ritual of release. We crumpled all the pages of the book with covers together so that it was a cylinder, put it in their fireplace on a piece of tin and offered it up to the Universe for its life to begin.